小六 英文試卷 (P6 English Past Paper)

小六 (P6)
英文 (English)
General English Test

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General English ( 10 pages)
A. Read Tom's story below and fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives.
(5/100) (@1 mark)
Tom is a very h
boy. He works and studies all the day. In the
summer holidays, Tom and his family went to Hong Kong Disneyland. They saw many
different cartoon characters such as Cinderella and Snow White. The girls were very
They wore colourful costumes. Tom played on various rides. In the
afternoon, Tom and his family went to a food store to have lunch. There were so many
people, so Tom could not find a seat. When one of the staff saw this, he helped Tom find a
table near the cashier. Tom was very happy and he thought the waiter was very
When Tom and his family were having lunch, they saw a very
man. He put all his belongings on the chairs and occupied a table by himself.
The people who were waiting for his table got very a
B. Tom is sick today. Read the passage below and fill in the blanks with the given
words. You may use the words once only. (5/100) (@ 1 mark)
although but
Class: P.6 ( ) Date._
Tom never misses school
he is absent today. That's
the clinic is not so
caught a fever. Tom's mother takes him to see a doctor.
far away, they take a taxi there. When they arrive at the clinic, they find that the clinic is
they have to wait for thirty minutes until ten o'clock.
not yet open,
Finally, the doctor comes. After examining Tom, the doctor finds that Tom has a
fever and a sore throat. He has to stay at home for two days. Tom's mother calls Tom's
class teacher to see
anyone can help his son collect his homework. She will
send the absent letter to school later.
P.6 General English
-End of Paper-
Development of ideas
Language Convention
Word choice &
Sentence flow
Format and Conclusion
P.6 General English
C. Tom's cousin, Dan lives in America. He is a space mad. He is at Space Camp now.
He is writing an e-mail to Tom. Complete the e-mail with the correct form of
verbs. (7/100) (@ 1 mark)
To: tomchan@gmail.com
Subject: Space Camp
How are you? I am at Space Camp. The Space Camp is great! I
here last Saturday and I have made many friends.
(train) all day to be real astronauts! We
D. Tom and Dan are chatting online about their Christmas holidays. Complete their
conversation. (8/100) (@ 2 marks)
Yesterday we
(go) into a special
(put) on space suits. We did not weigh anything in the room.
(fly) in the room. I
(jump) while I
(float) in the air when someone crashed into me. But it was all good fun!
The Christmas holidays are coming soon. I want to go on a trip but I don't
know where to go.
: If I were you, I would
You can visit the White House.
: I think visiting the White
House is SO boring. I prefer
to visiting the White House. I don't
like travelling on a plane for so many hours, either.
: I see. What about Thailand? It's a wonderful place for travelling because
there are so many beautiful resorts.
: That's a good
P.6 General English
idea! I like doing water sports. I would rather
If I were a fish, I would
If I were a bird, I
information about Thailand.
Dan : I hope you will have a wonderful trip. Remember to send me photos later.
E. Tom is reading a leaflet about travelling in Thailand. Complete the leaflet with the
given phrases. (6/100) (@ 2 marks)
with a sea view
across the lake
I feel so excited now. I'm going to find some
Grand Hotel (Thailand)
Grand Hotel invites you to explore the fascinating Kingdom of Thailand!
Our hotel provides you a luxurious room
Our rooms only_
$900 per day including breakfast.
You can enjoy various water sports provided by our hotel such as sea walking and
diving. You will be
thousands of fish swimming around you.
cost from arrive in
F. Tom is writing a poem. He is imagining that he was different animals. Help Tom
complete his poem. (4/100) (@2 marks)
excited about
If I were...
You can enjoy sunset
P.6 General English
G. Frank had a trip to America this summer. He has written an article about this trip.
Read the article carefully.
A summer trip
I had my first trip to New York this summer. My family and I flew there
in early August
We landed at the JFK International Airport, in an area of the city called
Queens, and got in a yellow cab. My Dad asked the driver, 'Excuse me, can you
take us to the Empire State Building?' The driver told us that it was in Manhattan,
the most famous part of the city. He took us there and we went straight to the top
of the building. The view from there was amazing.
Next we wanted to see a baseball game. Dad asked a hawker near him,
'Could you please tell us how to get to the Yankee Stadium?' The man who sold
10 hot dogs told us how to get there politely. Once there, we bought tickets for the
game and ate popcorn. Yummy!
The following day we went to see the Statue of Liberty. Mum had
studied the map the night before. Therefore, when Dad went asking for
directions, she told him, 'It's at a place called Liberty Island next to Brooklyn,
15 which is opposite to Statue Island.' Dad opened his mouth and he was speechless.
Dad looked so funny but Mum was great!
On our last day of the trip, we visited Central Park. It is in the centre of
Manhattan. We had a wonderful picnic there. I enjoyed New York so much and
cannot wait to go there again.
(I) Choose and blacken the circles of the best answers. (14/100 @2 marks)
Frank visited America on
O A. 2nd July
O C. 17th August
Where was Frank's Dad when he asked the way to the Yankee Stadium?
OA. In a restaurant
OB. In the Stadium
OD. In a taxi
OC. On a street
3. What do you think about Frank's Dad?
O A. He is a well-prepared man.
OC. He does not enjoy eating outside.
O B. 6th August
O D. 31st August
O B. He does not like sports.
D. He is always asking for help.
4. In paragraph 4, Frank's Dad was speechless because
O A. the Statue of Liberty was amazing.
O B. Frank's Mum knew the directions to the Statue of Liberty.
OC. the taxi driver was very polite.
O D. he saw a baseball game at the Yankee Stadium.
5. Which of the following is TRUE about Frank's trip?
O A. Frank's family stayed in New York for two days.
O B. The people Frank met in New York were helpful.
O C. Frank did not enjoy the food in New York.
O D. Frank did not go to Manhattan with his family.
6. How did Frank feel about New York?
O A. There was a lot to see.
OC. There wee too many tourists.
7. Which place is NOT in New York?
O A. Empire State Building
O C. Statue of Liberty
P.6 General English
Arrange what Frank's family did in their trip in the correct order. Write the letters
(A-D) in the below. (2/100)
O B. The weather was great.
O D. Everything was too expensive.
B. Yankee Stadium
D. Kowloon Park
P.6 General English
H. Alan is reading a story in a magazine. Read the story carefully.
A Greedy Farmer
Once upon a time, there was a bird living in a forest. Her name was
Percy. Percy was a beautiful bird. Her body is green in colour, bright and
sharp. And the feathers on her head are pink. Percy could talk.
One day, a poor farmer passed through the forest and saw Percy.
The farmer liked her very much. He stopped to look at her and said to
himself, 'Should I keep her as my pet?' Suddenly, Percy looked at the
farmer with her dark blue eyes and answered, 'Yes!'
The farmer was afraid at first. But he started to laugh when a bad
idea came to his mind. Then he said, 'Little pretty bird, can I be your
10 friend?'
Percy said 'Yes' again and she followed the farmer to his home.
When Percy was taking a rest by the window, the farmer suddenly
caught Percy with a net. The farmer wanted to make money with the bird.
The farmer then took Percy to the Palace where the King lived and
15 said, 'My King, I have caught an amazing bird. She can talk! I would like to
send her to you as your birthday present.'
The King was a famous bird-lover and he was very happy after
hearing that. Percy then flew out from the net and just said, 'Yes'. She
didn't say anything else but 'Yes'.
The King was very angry and said, 'Are you trying to fool me with
a parrot that can only say 'yes'?"
The greedy farmer was sent to prison in the end.
Choose and blacken the circles of the best answers. (10/100 @2marks)
Percy could
Where did the farmer first see Percy ?
O A. In a zoo.
B. In a forest.
D. By the window.
C. In the Palace.
In paragraph 3, what was the farmer's 'bad idea'?
A. He wanted to eat Percy.
O B. He wanted to kill Percy
C. He wanted to sell Percy.
D. He wanted to make friends with Percy.
4. The King was very angry because
O A. he did not like parrot
OB. he knew the farmer was greedy
O C. he thought that the farmer was fooling him
P.6 General English
D. he thought it was wrong to catch birds in the forest
5. What does the story tell us?
A. We should not be greedy.
OB. We should not catch birds.
O C. We should not talk to birds.
D. We should keep birds as our pet.
(II) What colour is Percy? Fill in A, B, C, D or E in each box.(4/100 @2 marks)
A. dark blue
B. bright green
C. dark green
D. bright blue
Teens Monthly
P.6 General English
Samuel is reading a magazine. Read the article carefully and answer the
following questions in complete sentences. (15/100 @3 marks)
What did you do in the summer holidays?
The school holidays ended last month. Teens Monthly talked to 20
secondary school students to find out how they spent their summer holidays.
Some students traveled overseas. Susanne Kwok, 14, went on a study
tour in Korea. She said, 'It was an enjoyable trip. I learnt to speak Korean and
made many friends. I also learnt to prepare delicious kimchi!'
Jacky Lam, 15, was in Europe for a holiday. He said, 'I did very well in
my exams so my parents rewarded me with a 14-day trip to Paris. I visited the
Eiffel Tower. It's very beautiful, just like what you see on TV."
Other students stayed in Hong Kong and had their own activities. Jerry
10 Au, 15, spent his holiday at home. He said, 'I played video games every day.
Once you start playing, it's hard to stop. So I can pay for up to 10 hours. Since I
was on holiday, I could sleep late and wake up in the afternoon the next day.'
Rachel Tang, 13, and her friends spent most of the holidays together.
She said, 'My friends and I went out almost every day. We went shopping,
15 watched movies and ate at cafes. Since both my parents went to work, and it
was boring to stay at home.'
We also asked the students if they did any summer holiday exercises.
Many students told us that they had English, Maths and Chinese homework.
More than half of them only finished their homework a few days before school
20 re-opened. Janet, 13, told us that 'the summer holiday was a good time to relax
so I didn't want to do any school work. But since school was starting again, I
did my homework on Sunday afternoon. I managed to complete it by Monday
August 2010
Only a few students finished their homework in the first week of the
25 holidays. Then they spent the rest of their time doing what they liked.
1. What did 'Teens Monthly' find out from students?
2. Where did Susanne Kwok go?
3. Read lines 8: 'It's very beautiful, just like what you see on TV.' What does 'it' refer
4. Why did Jerry play video games every day?
Read paragraph 6. How many students interviewed finished their homework during
the last few days of the holidays?
J. John is going to write a short story about an illness of a princess. Now help John
write the story in not less than 80 words. You may use the following pictures and
ideas for your story. (20/100)
P.6 General English
My daughter is ill.
King / daughter / sleep/ sad
Let me try.
I can help.
Prince / wake up / recover
We can't help!
Doctor / no idea / worried

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